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Where Am I? Game #212

Another view of the turtles at the Indiana State Museum, from Where Am I? Game #211.

No one guessed the location of Game #211, which was on the west side of the Indiana State Museum, near the outdoor patio area.

Let's see if someone knows the location of this next photo, somewhere on the Indy Cultural Trail. If you are new to the game, the directions are here. Good luck, and thanks for playing!

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Make your guess in the Comments Box below, please. Guesses made on Facebook or Instagram don't count. Thank you for playing!

A Great Day for Some Indiana History!

Last Thursday, my friend Sampson and I went cycling on an Indianapolis history journey. Our first stop was the Ransom Historic Neighborhood, where I showed him this old vacant grocery store that I discovered several days ago. When I took the photo of the store, I didn't notice the sticker in the middle of the window. But Sampson saw it and told me it said, "Birch Bayh for Senator." (The campaign sticker was from Bayh's first Senate Race in 1962, the year he narrowly defeated Homer E. Capehart.)

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The vacant grocery store at the intersection of California & 9th Streets, Ransom Place Neighborhood.

The “Birch Bayh for Senator” sticker.

A poster in the Ransom Place Pocket Park of the Second Christian Church in 1913. (Bass Photo Co. Collection)

The Second Christian Church as it is today.

Sampson, at the Ransom Place Historic District plaque.

As we cycled down the sidewalk and turned right on Indiana Avenue, I remembered the following photo from 1956 that I found on the Indiana Historical Society Website. The picture is of the same intersection that we were on! You can see Ed’s Place and further down the street is the Big 10 Market.

The 800 Block of Indiana Avenue, 1956.

The 800 Block of Indiana Avenue, 2019.

Finally, we cycled down Indiana Avenue toward the Crispus Attucks Museum, adjacent to Crispus Attucks High School. That week we had each watched and were fascinated by the WFYI Documentary entitled Attucks: The School That Opened a City. As I walked through the museum, I was amazed by all of the fascinating exhibits and memorabilia. I was surprised it took me so long to discover this place.

Sampson takes a selfie outside of the museum.

A mural of Legends, at the entrance of the museum.

Muscial Legends from Indiana Avenue. Notice the poster from Sunset Terrace.

The photo in the lower left corner shows the Mary Cable Public School #4, where the present Gateway Parking Garage of IUPUI is today. There was a public school in that location from 1867 - 1980! IUPUI leased the building from IPS from 1980 until the university razed it in 2006.

Indianapolis Airmen

The Tuskegee Airman

What people could learn from Crispus Attucks High School is that high school kids have the power and the ability to change a community.
— Historian Richard Pierce

State Fair Zinnia

Last Friday we cycled to the State Fair and parked our bikes in the free Pedal N Park, which was operated by three friendly volunteers. Since we started late, we immediately went to the Monroe Concession stand, where I ordered the best breaded tenderloin ever!

Fortunately, we found a table with shade. The sky was clear, and the sun was hot. It took some time to eat the tenderloin, but I managed to devour the entire thing.

Then we meandered around the fairgrounds, and we saw an entertaining K9 Crew Trick Dog Show. Next was Pioneer Village, where we bought some Indiana-shaped wood-carved boxes for Christmas gifts. In the Horticulture building we saw the blue ribbon winners in the flower, vegetable, Christmas tree, and Bonsai categories. I liked one of the blue ribbon zinnias, and created this cartoon-style look from the photo I took:

This year I entered three photos in the Photo Competition. My highest score was 78, which is the highest ever. My goal is to earn an 80+, which means it is a photo of merit.

Here are the photos I entered this year, with their scores: