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Drum Corps International

This is the 4th year in a row that I was fortunate to cycle by Military Park and witness some amazing musicians. It was one of the groups hoping to compete for tomorrow's Drum Corps International Championship at Lucas Oil Stadium. This group looked sharp, and their practice outfits were colorful. 

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Where Am I? Game #183

No one guessed the location of Game #182. It was the building under renovation at 130 East Washington Street.

The building once housed the Meyer Kiser Bank from 1922 - 1931. Farm Bureau Insurance owned the building from 1960 - 2006.

Let's see if any of you Photo Sleuths know where I was when I took this next photo. Good luck to all!

If you are new to the game, the directions are here.

Where Am I? Game #183. Click the photo to view a larger version. Make your guess in the Comments Box below, please. Guesses made on Facebook or Instagram don't count.