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Where Am I? Game #209

Congratulations to the winner of our last game, #208! It was Amanda Stratman, and she correctly guessed the location as Washington and Pennsylvania, next to Five Guys Pizza, and this was her first win!

Do you know the location of the next photo? I took it along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail Detour. Good luck, and thanks for playing.

If you are new to the game, the directions are here.

Where Am I? Game #209. Click or tap photo to view larger size. Make your guess in the Comments Box below, please. Guesses made on Facebook or Instagram don't count. Thank you for playing!

ICT Food Tour - Delicious Samplings of Indy Restaurants!

Tony, our friend Larry, and I took one of Indy Cultural Trail’s Food Tours. What a delightful experience! We all met at City Market, hopped on a Pacer’s Bikeshare Bike, and followed our knowledgeable and humorous tour guide, Brian, on the Trail. Our tour included six restaurants: Wildwood Market, Chilly Water Brewing Company, Pearings, Roosters, Union 50, and Saffron Cafe. Some of the chefs or owners gave a brief history of their restaurant and a description of the samples they were serving. They included a delicious pastrami sandwich, beef brisket with roasted carrots, a fresh fruit smoothie, tiramisu, and dates stuffed with bacon jam, plus our choice of beer at Chilly Water.

We had a great time, and thankfully, the weather was perfect. I highly recommend making a reservation for one of the food tours. You can find more information on the Indy Cultural Trail Food Tours page.

Cyle & Kristin's Wedding Photos!

My son, Cyle, and Kristin were married Saturday afternoon, June 1st, in Brownsburg. It was a beautiful ceremony. I am delighted that the two of them found each other, and I know they will provide a happy home for Evan, Katie, and Conner.

They chose me to be the photographer, even though I never photographed a wedding before. But they like my photography, so of course, I said I would. Fortunately, my editing skills are better than my indoor photography skills, and I hope they will enjoy these photos and memories.

Cyle and Kristin, after the wedding.

Cyle and Kristin, after the wedding.

See the wedding photos here.