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Where Am I? Game #177

Congratulations to Joe Hettle for identifying the location of Game #176! I was on the Cultural Trail, where Virginia and S. College Ave meet in Fletcher Place, looking across the street. This is Joe's second win in the Where Am I? Game!

I featured this next location before, but this is the first time I saw the man in the window. Can you guess where I was on the Cultural Trail?

If you are new to the game, the directions are here.

Thanks for playing, and good luck to all!

Where Am I? #177. Click the photo to view a larger version. Make your guess in the Comments Box below, please. Guesses made on Facebook or Instagram don't count.

Irvington Bike Tour Photos

The Irvington Bike Tour was held Saturday, May 20. I helped guide the first of four bike groups, leaving at 9:00. Fortunately our group was able to complete most of the tour. Near the end of our tour the rain poured down, cutting it a bit short, but I was able to capture several photos of the tour and the historic homes. To see the photos, click here.

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Our tour group cycling through Irvington, led by docent Vicki Hoffman,  middle escort, Harold Thompson, and me, Greg, the photographer/cyclist at the back.

Friendly Officers on the Trail

I first saw the police officers, in the following two photos, as I was cycling around the Canal. I took the first photo as they were passing the Bikeshare on the north end of the Canal Walk. I then followed the Cultural Trail as it goes through IUPUI and eventually crosses New York Street on to White River State Park. 

As I entered the Park the two officers were on the other side of the Canal. They turned and soon I was right behind them. Thus began the long journey following the officers and feeling like I should NOT pass them. Can't they give speeding tickets on the Trail? They were following the same route that I do most days, so I just sat back and enjoyed Apple Music, thinking they would turn off at some point. They did, but it wasn't until we reached the stop light on Delaware Street. I have to admit, even though I cycled slower than usual, I have never felt safer cycling!

At the Delaware stop light one of the officers looked back at me and said, "Are you following us? I saw you back on the Canal." I replied, smiling, "Not on purpose." The officer laughed. Before the light turned green I took the second photo.

I started wondering about how the Police Department uses bicycles on patrols and found this link from NUVO and this one from Indystar. It was great experience.

This is where I first spotted the police officers. Click photo to view a larger size.

At the Delaware Street stoplight, just before the light turned green.