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A White Sands Birthday

One of my favorite memories of my childhood was my family's vacation to Albuquerque, New Mexico to visit Uncle Wentzel and Aunt Betty. Dad drove us out there in our Chevrolet Station Wagon. What a trip that must have been for Mom and Dad with three boys in the back of the car!

The highlight of the vacation for me was when we went to White Sands, New Mexico on my birthday, December 28. The glistening gypsum sand was so white it looked like snow from afar. And, we didn't have to wear coats!

I treasure these photos taken by Uncle Wentzel, and the photos that Dad took over the years. They both enjoyed photography using cameras similar to the one pictured below. The images that they captured were what inspired me to learn about photography. The first camera I owned was the Kodak Brownie Hawkeye, which was followed by several still and video cameras over the years, including the Polaroid Instant Camera. But it wasn't until I retired from teaching that I became immersed in photography, along with the joy and the challenge of taking photos while cycling the Cultural Trail most days of the year. It is a great way to keep educating myself about photography, and the health benefits are a plus!

Early Christmas

We celebrated our Grandkids' Christmas over the weekend, and it was terrific. This year we moved the entire Wagoner Family Dinner to a separate later date. In previous years we had both events on the same day. Tony and I don’t see the grandkids as often as we used to because they are older and have hectic schedules. It was great spending some alone time with each grandchild. We all shared lots of laughs!

Last week we went to two programs: Evan's Band Concert and Katie's Christmas Program. I created these two videos of them, although Evan's video is mostly audio. We sat in the back of the auditorium, and I couldn't even see Evan.


At the end of the next video you’ll get a glimpse of Evan, Cyle, Kristin, and her son, Conner.

Dylan's Birthday Party #7!

On Saturday we celebrated Dylan’s 7th birthday. It doesn’t seem possible! This year, in addition to inviting family, Dylan also asked some friends to join us. Cory and Alicia rented a Bounce House which was enjoyed both by the kids and the adults inside their home. Near the end of the party, the wind picked up speed, but fortunately, the stakes held.

Happy Birthday, Dylan!

Brownsburg Makes the Finals!

Yesterday morning Tony and I went to Lucas Oil Stadium to cheer on our grandson, Evan, and the rest of the Brownsburg High School Band. They were performing in the Bands of America Super Regionals Preliminary. What a spectacular performance it was. Their choice of songs was excellent!

Destiny of the Chosen

Heart of Nature

Winter Spell

He's the Giant

Age of Discovery

Last night we learned that Brownsburg made the finals. There were 14 bands out of the 71 that participated! Evan's band performed one last time last night. When it was all over, Brownsburg came in 11th place! We are proud of him and the hard work that went into getting ready for the performance.

2018 BOA Super Regional Results

1 - Carmel - 91.0

2 - Avon - 90.15

3 - Blue Springs MN - 87.75

4 - Homestead, Ft Wayne - 85.8

5 - Union, Tulsa OK - 85.35

6 - Lawrence Township- 84.3

7 - Fishers - 83.75

8 - Castle - 83.2

9 - Rosemount MN - 82.95

10 - Center Grove - 82.55

11 - Brownsburg- 81.1

12 - Centerville OH - 81.1

13 - Lakota East - 80.15

14 - Plainfield- 79.5

Outstanding Music performance - Carmel

Outstanding Visual performance - Carmel

Outstanding General Effect - Carmel

Here's a short clip of the performance that we saw.

Grandparents Day 2018!

I had a wonderful time with Bailey and Marianne (Gi Gi) at Bailey's Grandparents' Day Open House! Her classroom is much larger than last year. (See last year's photos here.) It was much calmer than last year, mostly due to the fact that the kids are a year older. We visited with Bailey and watched her eat blueberry bread. (Marianne and I ate the leftovers. Haha.) Next, there was a short reading time, followed by a craft time. (See photos below.) There was time near the end for photos, and I was able to capture these. Thanks for inviting me, Bailey!

State Fair - 2018

Friday morning Tony and I cycled to the Indiana State Fair, an annual event. Here's a slideshow of some of the highlights.