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RIP Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul

What a mark Aretha made on the history of music in my lifetime, from the earlier hits of "Respect" and "Chain of Fools," to my all-time favorite, "Freeway of Love." That song was released in 1985, just a few years after I came out. It was my favorite dance song of the 80s. Her voice just kept you moving to the beat! Plus, the saxophone solo by Clarence Clemons was exhilarating.

It's cool how the video is in black and white until the very end when the car with a RESPECTful license plate turns PINK!

RHS Concert Band State Competition - 1968!

Thanks to Mike Deniston for posting this recording on YouTube. It is my high school band performing at the State Competition in Chesterton, Indiana, in March, 1968 when I was a Senior. I hadn't heard this in almost 50 years! I'm amazed at the quality of the recording after all this time. I don't remember the outcome, so I guess we didn't win, but it was a great experience. My favorite part starts at about the 1:05 minute mark.

Rochester, Indiana High School Concert Band record produced at State Band competition in March 1968. This video is side A.

What a year to be 17!

The 'Sergeant Pepper' 50th anniversary Box Set arrived today! I felt like a kid at Christmas. I bought the original album in 1967, and I can't tell you how many times I played it. I was mesmerized by the cover, pouring over all of the faces to see which ones I could identify. The cover of the box set is 3D. I can't wait to listen to the 4 CDs, watch the DVD and read the 144-page hardbound book. 

The Beatles!

It was on this day that the Beatles first appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show. It was thrilling to watch on our black and white Motorola television set. I was enamored with Paul McCartney.

It was the most-watched TV show of its era. And, according to TV Worth Watching by David Bianculli, it is still the second most popular TV Variety program of all time — beaten only by the 1970 Bob Hope Christmas Special Show.