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Cyle & Kristin's Wedding Photos!

My son, Cyle, and Kristin were married Saturday afternoon, June 1st, in Brownsburg. It was a beautiful ceremony. I am delighted that the two of them found each other, and I know they will provide a happy home for Evan, Katie, and Conner.

They chose me to be the photographer, even though I never photographed a wedding before. But they like my photography, so of course, I said I would. Fortunately, my editing skills are better than my indoor photography skills, and I hope they will enjoy these photos and memories.

Cyle and Kristin, after the wedding.

Cyle and Kristin, after the wedding.

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Ethan Hochstein, Horticulture Manager

While cycling the Cultural Trail today, I met the very first Horticulture Manager for the Trail, Ethan Hochstein! He is the guy who is in charge of plant selection, making sure the soil is healthy, managing pests and diseases and taking care of street trees and the bioswales. That includes removing the dandelions, as he was doing when I took his photo. Welcome, Ethan!

Read more about Ethan here.

NBA Player Fighting for LGBTQ Equality

From VICE Sports:

After Reggie Bullock’s sister, Mia, a trans woman, was tragically murdered in 2014, Reggie made it his mission to spread awareness about issues facing the LGBTQ community. After recognizing his own lack of knowledge, he got educated and is now working with the NBA to use sports as a vehicle of inclusion and acceptance. VICE Sports was with Reggie and his son for their first New York City Pride Parade.