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Where Am I? Game #196

Congrats to Sam C. for guessing the location of Game #195! I was on the College Avenue side of Forty-five Degrees. Way to go, Sam!

For the next game we go to a different section of the Cultural Trail. Can you tell where I was on or near the Trail? I would bet that many of you have been here. Take a guess!

If you are new to the game, the directions are here.

Where Am I? Game #196. Click the photo to view a larger version. Make your guess in the Comments Box below, please. Guesses made on Facebook or Instagram don't count.

Cycling the Miles with Miles

Yesterday my friend Miles was in town. It was such a beautiful day that we decided to cycle the Cultural Trail. He had never been on it before. After we rented a Pacers Bikeshare bike we were on our way. We cycled 12 miles, stopping at various locations for photos and to exchange the bike. Lunch was at Milktooth, and it was excellent! These were my favorite photos:

A Man and his Sculpture

What a beautiful day for cycling the Trail it was! And what a difference in the weather between today and 2 days ago. Of course, I realize winter may return again. It is Indiana, and there is climate change happening.

Today I saw some folks working on a new sculpture at the Old Washington Street Bridge in White River State Park. I took a photo of it. Then, I noticed a woman waving me to come over. Her name is Bonnie, and she told me that one of the men working on the sculpture was the artist himself. I walked over and introduced myself and asked him if I could take a photo of him with his sculpture. He replied, "Yes!" I asked Bonnie, who turned out to be a friend of his, to pose for the second photo. You can see more of Dale's work here.

The name of the sculpture is Counterpoint, and the sculptor is Dale Enochs. He also created the Time Flow sculpture on the west side of the State Capitol Building. I recognized the pattern in Counterpoint, which is similar to the two sculptures at 12th and Central Avenue. One was hit by a speeding car flying down Central several months ago. Dale says he is going to restore that sculpture with the help of the Old Northside Neighborhood Association.


 Dale Enochs and his sculpture, entitled  Counterpoint .

Dale Enochs and his sculpture, entitled Counterpoint.

 Dale and his friend, Bonnie.

Dale and his friend, Bonnie.

Heading to Saturday Night Dinner

I was just getting ready to cook dinner last Saturday night when my good friend Jerome texted me and asked what I was doing? I put down the skillet and replied, "Nothing!" Later that night Tony, Jerome, his friend Marcus (from Georgia), and I were walking down Ohio Street, headed to the Bangkok Restaurant. The sun was in line with them walking, so I took this photo with my iPhone X. 

Tony and I had eaten at Bangkok before with my brother and sister-in-law, and we knew it would be good. And it was, plus there was live jazz music playing during dinner.

Afterwards Jerome, Marcus, and I went to Greg's. It was so much fun! Plus, I ran into some friends I hadn't seen in years. Sometimes unexpected events are the best ones.

Tony, Jerome, and Marcus heading to Bangkok.