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RHS Concert Band State Competition - 1968!

Thanks to Mike Deniston for posting this recording on YouTube. It is my high school band performing at the State Competition in Chesterton, Indiana, in March, 1968 when I was a Senior. I hadn't heard this in almost 50 years! I'm amazed at the quality of the recording after all this time. I don't remember the outcome, so I guess we didn't win, but it was a great experience. My favorite part starts at about the 1:05 minute mark.

Rochester, Indiana High School Concert Band record produced at State Band competition in March 1968. This video is side A.

Where Am I Game #188

whereami (1 of 3)-Edit.jpg

Congrats to Sam C. for correctly identifying the location of Game #187! It was Incognito at 1060 Virginia Avenue. As Sam said in the comments of the last game, this used to the home of Joe's Cycle Shop.

Below is a photo from Joe's shop, taken in 2012. It's interesting to see the windows from the inside of the shop. It looks like they took out the arched look.


Let's see if anyone knows the location of this next photo, for Game 188. It was taken last August. Good luck! If you are new to the game, the directions are here.

Where Am I? Game #188. Click the photo to view a larger version. Make your guess in the Comments Box below, please. Guesses made on Facebook or Instagram don't count.