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Where Am I? Game #151


Sam correctly guessed the location of Game #150. It was Zesco Restaurant Supply at 640 N. Capitol, right on the Cultural Trail. Way to go, Sam!

Here's a list of all of the winners of the Where Am I? Game so far!

Bruce Davis, Dan B, Doug Peters, Gary Bell, George Edwards, Greg Shockey, Ivey Long, Jason Tharp, Jeremy, Joseph Lese, Kelly Wright, Linda, Marty, Michael, Mike, Paul Miller, Sam C, Steph Mineart and Todd Neal. Congrats to all. Let's see if someone new can defeat all of these people in Game #151!

Here's the photo for Game #151. Can you guess where I am? Put on your thinking caps, photo sleuths!

If you are new to the game, the directions are here. Good luck!

Where Am I? #151. Click the photo to view a larger version. Make your guess in the Comments Box below, please. Guesses made on Facebook or Instagram don't count.