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Worldwide Photowalk!

Yesterday I went on the 6th Annual Worldwide Photowalk, sponsored by Scott Kelby. It was supposed to happen a week ago Saturday, but a big storm hit Indy right when it started. So our leader invited us back again yesterday, and the weather was beautiful! We walked for 2 hours around downtown Indy, mostly around the Circle. I took 471 photos in all, and I had to select one photo to submit for the city contest. The winner from Indy will compete against the other 1200+ cities in the world! It's great fun, but sometimes I wonder how we can compete with the photographers in France and Italy! 

Last year I asked many of you which photo you liked, but this year both Tony and I agreed it was this one. I submitted it today!  I'll post some of my other favorite shots her soon, so c'mon back!


Musicians' Alley by Greg Wagoner

Musicians' Alley by Greg Wagoner