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My grandson made my day!

Today I had lunch with Cyle and Evan. Friday is Parents'/Grandparents' Day at the Eli Lilly Recreation Park, which Evan attends. Everyone takes their own food to the park and finds a table for lunch, either in the park or inside the amphitheater. After lunch there's a ceremony in which the camp counselors announce their "Best Camper of the Week".  

The weather was perfect for the event this year, unlike last year when it was over 100 degrees! 

When it was time for Cyle and me to leave, Evan told Cyle that he wanted to tell me something. I was so surprised when he said, "Papa Greg, you look younger than your age."  I managed to say, "Thanks, Evan", even though I was in a bit of shock. LOL. Later Cyle told me that one time at dinner Evan mentioned that and Cyle said, "You should tell him." And he did!


Evan at Camp

Evan's camp report. 

Evan's camp report.