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Remembering Steve Jobs

Here’s to the Crazy Ones . . .

Kristen asked me where I bought the Steve Jobs poster that's hanging on the 3rd floor. I couldn't remember so I searched my mail and on Bing. While looking for it, I discovered this letter that I wrote in 2011. Just after Steve died, Apple had asked customers to write in about their memories of Steve and Apple. Here's the poster and the letter:



Dear Apple,

I can honestly say that, other than family and some friends, Steve Jobs had the biggest impact on my life of 61 years so far.

I first caught Apple fever with the Apple IIe. I was teaching elementary school at the time, and my school purchased an Apple IIe for each classroom. That one computer changed my way of teaching, and it had a positive impact on my students.

I saw a Macintosh for the first time (a Mac SE) in the late 80s. A friend of mine worked for Eli Lilly & Company in Indianapolis and at that time most of the computers at Lilly were Macs. (She went to Purdue and worked at Lilly with Mike). One weekend my friend took her Mac home to do some work, and that's when I saw it. I fell in love with Macintosh right then and there!

Of course at that time Macs were too expensive for a teacher, but fortunately the Apple IIGS arrived and it was my first home Apple Computer.

I became the tech leader at my school in the late 90s and trained the teachers on how to use our new Mac Lab. I thoroughly enjoyed that, and when I was leading a session I shared all of Steve's enthusiasm for Apple and Macs. Best of all, the enthusiasm spread to the students, many who were motivated to learn for the first time.

In 2000 I applied for the Indiana Technology Teacher of the Year Award. My proposal was based on my class's website which I created on a Mac using Adobe PageMill. I was told that we were the first Indiana public school class to have a website, (thanks to my friend Don Gilroy.) And thanks to Steve, Apple and my students, I won the award! The prize was $2,000 and I immediately bought an Apple Powerbook. I was in heaven!

I retired from teaching in 2006, and I still receive emails and Facebook posts from former 2nd grade students who remember my love for teaching and technology. I'm retired now and developed a passion for photography. I use Apple products every day to create digital art, learn about the world, motivate myself to exercise, and for entertainment. My Apple products now include: MacBook Pro, iPad 2, Apple Trackpad, Lion, Apple TV, and today I ordered the iPhone 4S and the 7th generation iPod Nano (to use as a watch)!

I never missed one of Steve's keynotes, and I can't even describe the excitement I felt after each one. It wasn't just Steve's presentations, but the products he and Apple created. Quality products with Style! And I ordered most of those products on Day One.

I'm sure Apple will continue it's success, and I will always be a supporter and promoter of all things Apple.

But I will truly miss Steve's spark.

Insanely Grateful,

Greg Wagoner, 2011