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RIP Sammy Terry (1929-2013)

Back in the 60s and 70s I used to watch Sammy Terry's Creature Feature on WSJV-TV South Bend with Marianne and her brother Mike on Saturday nights. Sammy Terry (cemetery) introduced the horror film playing that night.

For some reason they dropped the Creature Feature show for a few months. When it returned it wasn't the same. I can't remember if Sammy Terry was the announcer or not, but he wasn't using the ghastly spooky voice he used in previous episodes.

We were so disappointed! So we wrote the following letter to the station. Much to our surprise, we received a reply! Click on the letters to see a larger version. WARNING: Be prepared to be horrified and terrorized by the appalling drawing of Sammy Terry. 

May Sammy rest in peace. 

Thanks to Mike Deniston for sending the letters to me!