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Apple to the Rescue!

I have owned every Apple iPhone since the first one. This week was the first time I had issues with one. The battery indicator was false, and even after I reset the battery (let it die down and then recharged it to full), the problem wouldn't go away. Plus the phone restarted itself twice. Strange.

At the Apple Store

At the Apple Store

Last night I made an appointment on my phone to meet with an Apple Genius. I was a little worried since I wondered if the phone was acting up because several months ago it fell off my bike mount and hit the street. Also, I didn't purchase AppleCare for it like I did for my laptop. 

I only had to wait 10 minutes at the store. The Genius guy was very professional. He did a diagnostic test on my phone and showed me the results. The battery was defective. He gave me a new phone! I was relieved and amazed! And, now there are no street scratches on my phone, so I should get top price for it from Gazelle or NextWorth when the next phone comes out. 

Life is good.