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Sub Zero Frozen Custard and Yogurt

I just had a great lunch at Bazbeaux with Jim Anthony. Afterwards I still had some time on my Parkmobile meter, so I stopped by Sub Zero Ice Cream and Yogurt on Mass Ave. They even have frozen custard! I have to say it was the best frozen custard I've eaten since growing up in Rochester, Indiana and getting frozen custard at a place called the Flagpole, which unfortunately no longer sells frozen custard.

The cool thing is that Sub Zero makes your frozen custard or yogurt right in front of you using liquid nitrogen. As it says on their website,  "So why is liquid nitrogen-frozen ice cream so good? It’s all in the flash freeze. Since the ice cream is frozen so quickly (15 seconds or less), the milk molecules stay very small and the water particles don’t have time to grow into ice crystals. Without ice crystals, you get the smoothest, creamiest ice cream possible. Our rapid freezing process also helps preserve nutrients in the cream, yogurt, soy or rice milk!"