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Embarrassing But Funny


This morning I was riding in White River State Park. There were hundreds of people there, with lots of tents and inflatable rides for kids. I was able to maneuver my bike through the crowd and made it to the bridge. There were still lots of people and tents on the bridge.

It turns out the event was a running race sponsored by Let's Move Indy, and the embarrassing part was that I was in line with the runners racing towards the finish line! There was no way to back out, so I slowly maneuvered my way to the finish line. As I crossed the line the announcer on the intercom said, "And there goes our first biker crossing the line!" I gave a thumbs up and pedaled on to the River Promenade. By then I was laughing and was glad the announcer didn't yell, "Let's move that biker out of here!"