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Polar Bear Pedal

Today was the Polar Bear Pedal Bike Ride, my first one. Harold rode with me, and we joined Kimball and Tessie at the Indy Bike Hub for the start of the ride. The temperature was in the low 20s with a strong southerly wind, but at least it was sunny. This was Harold's third ride, and he told me that the first year it was even colder, plus it was snowing! The bike route went through the Mass Ave Cultural District and passed by the Woodruff Place Neighborhood.

The great thing about this ride was that the police had the entire route open for us, blocking cars and trucks so we could pass. We didn't have to stop for any traffic lights!  I thought I saw a few people fuming while sitting in their cars because they had to wait for the huge line of cyclists. Maybe next year they'll join us.

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