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Thanksgiving 2014

It was another fun-filled Thanksgiving at Phil and Terri's house. This year we were able to see all of the grandkids and their cousins! We had a discussion about whether they are first or second cousins, or cousins once removed, and we never figured it out. I found this chart that explains it, but I'm still confused. The point is we had a great time. It was fun to watch the two baby girls, Bailey and Raelyn. They're just a few months apart.

I got so involved taking photos of the kids that I completely forgot to take our family portrait, and no one reminded me until it was too late. Oh well, there's always Christmas. Fortunately we have this photo from June.

Sit back and enjoy the slideshow! The Wagoner kids are (in order by age): Evan, Katie, Dylan, Raelyn and Bailey.