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Nebraska the Movie

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie Nebraska! The setting of much of the story is a fictional town, Hawthorne, Nebraska, but much of the filming was done in Plainview, Nebraska. Even some of the residents were used as extras in the film. (Click on the blue links to see more.) The combination of shooting the film in black and white along with the Nebraska landscapes was powerful. It reminded me of Paper Moon

The story is about a Woody Grant, played beautifully by Bruce Dern, who has Alzheimer's, and thinks he needs to go to Lincoln, Nebraska to collect the million dollars he won, according to a certificate he received in the mail. It turns out to be a scam, but it leads the man and his son on an amazing journey to collect his money. There are many hilarious scenes, but my favorite is when the man's wife, played by June Squibb, visits the cemetery!

Check out the trailer: