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A Visit with Mark

I had a great visit with my brother Mark. His wife, Cindy, spent a few days with her parents in Terre Haute while he hung out with Tony and me.

We were able to rent a bike for him via the Pacers Bikeshare and ride the Cultural Trail! Of course he had to listen to all of my stories about the sights, art installations and personal tales about the trail. But I don't think he minded. 

That was the first time I actually used the Bikeshare, and I was impressed! It was so easy to purchase the pass, get a bike and return it to any station. Mark said the bike was very comfortable, although he complained near the end of the ride about his butt hurting, but that was just because he hadn't ridden a bike for awhile.

We planned on cooking fried chicken the first night (a family tradition), but then we were able to have dinner at Bru Burger with another brother, Phil and his wife, Terri and son, Patrick. So, we decided to cook chicken for lunch! I tried a new recipe, Hard Fried Chicken, and it was excellent, I rated it a 9.

I have an old Indiana map that Mark liked because it shows Wagoner, Indiana on it. I searched online and found an old railroad map of Indiana that showed the Wagoner Station. It's in the same county where we grew up, Fulton County!  I printed it out for him and he took it back to North Carolina.

Check out the photos:

Mark at the Glick Peace Walk.

The bridge over the Canal.

Fried Chicken!

We found Wagoner Station, in Fulton County.