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Where Am I? #81

Congratulations to Mike! He correctly identified the location of Game 80. It's part of the "Moving Forward" project on the Cultural Trail, a series of bus shelters that incorporates poetry by published Indiana writers. This shelter is at the Arts Garden on Washington Street, right in front of Panera Bread.

Each shelter consists of ecoresin panels, which are made using 40 percent post-industrial re-grind content, mounted in a stainless steel frame. The shelters are installed on TX Active photocatalytic cement pads. These pads are self-cleaning and help reduce many pollutants deemed harmful to human health and the environment.

Below is the poem for this particular shelter, and here's another shelter.

Circle, Chorus
Lead us
through your streets, speak
of this grand steel path. Lead us
through glass & light
to breath — your circle heart
as stone drum. All
that spins
our lives
beat here:
the pour of Illinois to Washington,
flood of feet in time
through parted doors.
The chorus
of our stride (step
stomp) sometimes louder
than traffic, clamor
in waning hours, urban
symphony. Voices raise
in praise of family, love —
sharp harmony —
evening bell: the song
that calls us home
@ close
of day.
       — Mitchell L. H. Douglas

And now it's time for Game #81! If you're new to the game the directions are here.

For this game I need more than just the location of my bike and me. I also need the the name of the county that this sculpture represents. Something a little more challenging for the Where Am I? Game. Good luck!


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