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Fun With the Apple Newton

At our last family Christmas gathering, my sons and I were talking about my Apple Newton MessagePad 2100. I remembered I had some family notes and recordings on it. So I searched for it, but only found the case and keyboard. The next day (DUH) I remembered it was on my Apple shelf in the bookshelf upstairs.

Today I plugged it in to see what would happen, and It started up! A message came up that the battery could no longer hold a charge, but the basic apps worked. I opened the note app and found some of those  notes. Below are some photos of the notes and video of the few recordings that were there.

I tweeted about this (see my Tweets in the menu above) and lo and behold, I received a tweet from newtontalk! He wanted to know what model I had, and I told him it's a MessagePad 2100. It was thrilling to discover there are several folks out there with Newtons, and some are even able to run the Newton OS on their iPhone. I don't know how that works, yet! mess 

Here's a funny video I found. I'm sure there are people who can type much faster on their iPhones, but the Newton still holds up well after almost 20 years!