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Ferris Wheel!

Yesterday I was riding through White River State Park and was surprised to see a ferris wheel. I read through the festivities in the preceding article link, but I didn't see anything that mentioned a ferris wheel. I hope to get another photo this weekend when the festival is open.

As a kid the ferris wheel was one of my favorite rides. The first ones I rode were at the Fulton County Fair. Back then you just sat down in the chair and the guy swung a small wooden bar in front of you and snapped it in until it clicked. There wasn't anything holding us in, in fact a few of my friends used to stand up when we were stuck at the top. I was mortified!

Did you ever seen the movie East of Eden? There's a scene in it with James Dean and Julie Harris in a ferris wheel.

A few years ago I took this photo of a ferris wheel at the Marion County Fair.