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How long will this go on?

I am one of the biggest promotors and supporters of the Cultural Trail, and I believe it has had a major impact on downtown living in Indianapolis. Many of my blog posts are about the Trail, and it even has it's own category. In 2007 Treehugger writer Sean Fisher predicted, "We expect this could have a Portland street car effect, spurring economic and neighborhood revitalization in the blocks surrounding the project."

I have to admit though, there is one part of the Cultural Trail I do not like: the parking lot on the trail in front of the Conrad on Washington Street. It's supposed to be a valet drop-off spot, but has instead turned into a parking lot. Most cyclists I have observed ride through the rows of parked cars, which generally works if there is room. Recently, however, the Conrad started placing valet signs in the row space at the east end of the parking lot so cyclists have to ride on the sidewalk. That's generally where I ride unless it is too congested, which it often is.

The Urban Indy blog recently had an interesting article about the Cultural Trail's 2nd Anniversary and noted this problem. Check out the article and the comments that follow it.

Last week I was riding through the parking lot between the rows and some pedestrians were walking from the opposite direction. I stopped my bike to let them squeeze by, and one of the pedestrians said to me, "What, they park on the Cultural Trail?" I replied, "Yes, and it's uncalled for!"

This is what I cycled behind today. She was a very slow walker.

Notice the Valet sign that is often placed in the row space between the cars.

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