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Urban Flea, Babies and Motorcycles!

On today's ride I saw three different events. (Click the blue links for more information.) The first one I cycled by was Indy Arts & Urban Flea at 626 New Jersey Street. This is a new event, and it looked interesting. I plan to pay the $5 admission fee and have a look around next month. Urban Flea will return on the Second Saturday, June through September.

Next, it was the March for Babies, sponsored by the March of Dimes and held at White River State Park. I never saw so many babies in one place! The march is for people who share a passion for keeping babies healthy. They looked like they were having lots of fun.

The third event was Kids' Day, Indiana's largest free outdoor festival for kids, on Monument Circle. As I passed the festival I saw this parade of motorcycles. I'm guessing they were heading to some other event.

Since I cycle the Cultural Trail almost every day, it's great when I come across these special events. Click the link to read R.J. Sharpe's interesting article about the 2nd Anniversary of the Trail.