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The Train Show • 2016

Yesterday I went to a train show (The World's Greatest Hobby Show) at the Indiana State Fairgrounds with Leyland and Andy. I was amazed to find out the show had model train sets like the one Dad built for my brothers and me, and possibly himself, when I was 5 or 6 years old. It was a Model O train set, which was larger than the HO sets we usually think about today. Dad built the train set in the basement of our small house on a huge table, with at least 3 trains. There was also scenery, bridges, crossing lights, signs and lots of buildings. Above the layout was a huge billboard that said, "Greg Land." 

When I saw the show yesterday, I was taken back to that time in the late 50s. I can still see the trains running, with smoke coming out of the engines, and I remember the smell of the transformers and the smoke.

Today I created this video short of that experience. Click the vimeo logo to see it full-sized.