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Friendly Officers on the Trail

I first saw the police officers, in the following two photos, as I was cycling around the Canal. I took the first photo as they were passing the Bikeshare on the north end of the Canal Walk. I then followed the Cultural Trail as it goes through IUPUI and eventually crosses New York Street on to White River State Park. 

As I entered the Park the two officers were on the other side of the Canal. They turned and soon I was right behind them. Thus began the long journey following the officers and feeling like I should NOT pass them. Can't they give speeding tickets on the Trail? They were following the same route that I do most days, so I just sat back and enjoyed Apple Music, thinking they would turn off at some point. They did, but it wasn't until we reached the stop light on Delaware Street. I have to admit, even though I cycled slower than usual, I have never felt safer cycling!

At the Delaware stop light one of the officers looked back at me and said, "Are you following us? I saw you back on the Canal." I replied, smiling, "Not on purpose." The officer laughed. Before the light turned green I took the second photo.

I started wondering about how the Police Department uses bicycles on patrols and found this link from NUVO and this one from Indystar. It was great experience.

This is where I first spotted the police officers. Click photo to view a larger size.

At the Delaware Street stoplight, just before the light turned green.