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A story that brought back memories of Field Trips!

While cycling the Trail this morning I saw 5 school buses parked along the Cultural Trail on Washington Street, in front of the Hilbert Circle Theatre. There was a mass of children, 4th or 5th graders, standing on the Trail. They were waiting to board their buses, blocking the trail completely. (I hadn't seen that many children in one place since 2006.) I slowly proceeded through the crowd, yelling in my teacher voice, “Excuse me,” while also ringing my bike bell repeatedly. Most of the kids moved back so I could get through. One girl, however, just stood in front of me and gave me a blank stare which was the same stare I used to get from a student who was in my last class in 2006.

I finally reached the end of the crowd where a teacher was frantically trying to move more children out of the way. (Some of them were walking on the curbs of the stormwater planters which were probably full of water. Fortunately, I didn’t see anyone fall in.) When I started cycling again and went past the teacher I yelled, “I’m a retired teacher. I thought I was done with field trips!” She smiled and then laughed. That poor woman had to ride back to school on the bus packed with kids, which is just one reason I believe that teachers should receive a raise!

I love retirement!

I didn't have the sense to take a photo this morning, but this digital painting I did last year gives you an idea of what I saw except there were 3 times the number of kids.