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Fun-filled Family Day

Happy Father's Day! My family celebrated Father's Day yesterday, and a busy day it was.

In the early morning I cycled to White River State Park to meet Cyle, Evan, and Katie. Cyle and Evan ran in the Heroes for the House 5K event there. On the home stretch Evan surged and passed Cyle by. 

Katie and I walked around the park, and I took these photos. Click a photo to view the slideshow.


After the event I cycled back home and made two flavors of homemade ice cream. This time Cory's choice was Maple Grape Nuts and Dylan choose Kit Kat Bar. After Cory and Alicia and the kids arrived, I took these photos:

After everyone left, Tony and I rested for about an hour, then we met Phil and Terri at the new Tavern at the Point on Mass Ave. I devoured one of the best cheeseburgers I ever ordered in town. (A close second would be the cheeseburgers at Workingman's Friend and Steak N Shake.)


It was a busy day, and a happy Father's Day for Tony and me.