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Adventure with Joe

Today my friend Joe took me on a cycling adventure, off the Cultural Trail. I couldn't tell you how we got to this place, but fortunately Joe knew the way back! It was amazing to see how the central canal goes underground from about 16th Street to 11th Street where it comes out on the north end of the CanalWalk.

Here are the photos I took. (You didn't think I'd leave without my Nikon, did you?!)

Click the first photo to view the slideshow. A caption appears at the bottom of each photo. Click to view the next slide.


Cycling with Tony G

Tony G and I rode the Cultural Trail and the Pleasant Run Trail on Friday, three years to the day that we cycled another time. We had lunch at Wildwood Market, and it was a perfect day to eat outside at one of their picnic tables. I hadn't cycled on the Pleasant Run Trail this year and I discovered something new: The Rainbow Wheels! Tony G was the power behind the wheels.

Here are some photos and a video from the day:

Click on photos to view larger sizes. This is a Wildwood Market 4th of July display.

Rainbow Wheels

Rainbow wheels shadows and reflection on my iPhone 6SPlus.

Tony G barreling up the Wapahini Race at White River State Park.

Tony G pedals the Rainbow Circles. Taken with iPhone 6SPlus